Seven of Cups Meaning

Seven Of Cups Meaning

About Seven of Cups
Meaning in Tarot

We can look at the seven of cups Tarot card meaning in a myriad of ways. This card inundates us with a mass of interpretive possibilities.

When a card like this comes fully loaded with so many possible meanings, it’s best to revert back to symbolic foundations. To wit, we know the symbolic meaning of the suit of cups deals with the realm of emotion, intuition, empathy.

Some Keywords for the Seven of Cups Tarot Card Meaning:

  • Choice
  • Variety
  • Illusion
  • Judgment
  • Expansion
  • Awareness
  • Observation
  • Discernment
  • Recollection
  • Manifestation
  • Understanding
  • Diversification
  • Compartmentalization

We know cups are affiliated with the powerful element of water. Water symbolism carries with it the concept of rebirth and cleansing.

A little meditation and research will help us with the symbolic meaning of clouds. Clouds conjure ideas, dreams, thoughts, illusions, transitions and mystery. Same symbolic meaning holds for the predominant card coloring of blue.

Seven Of Cups Meaning
Seven Of Cups Meaning

By refreshing our vision with foundational symbols, we begin to see a trend. We could sum up that trend with one sentence: “Now I observe the diverse manifestations that flow to me on the waves of my dreams and emotions.”

I like this catch-phrase combined with the water element. In a cleansing/rebirthing aspect, I’m inclined to wonder if the seven of cups Tarot card meaning deals with a kind of life-reflection. An image of the choices we have made throughout our lives being reflected to us in the pools of our psyche.

With these few foundational aspects in place, we can overlay the additional symbols presented in the card. By doing this, we culminate our deeper vision of this card into a unifying story that speaks of limitless diversity, unbounded potential. In a nutshell, this card leaves everything up to the imagination.

Some meanings to symbols on the seven of cups:

Castle Meaning in Tarot

Castle: Castle symbol meanings deal with goals. Castles are physical representations of our need to build (block by block) upon a strong foundation in order to obtain our goals. Castles may also deal with sheltering ourselves or limiting ourselves from reaching our goals. They are also a symbol of obtaining our desires. Get more about castle meanings in the Tarot here.

snake meaning in tarot

Snake: Snake symbol meanings deal with renewal, rebirth, and development primarily because they shed their skin during each cycle in growth. Snakes are also cold-blooded which means they depend on their environment for their body temperature. This is a symbolic message that we must be adaptive, flexible, and adjust as best we can to our circumstances. When the snake slithers across the cards into our consciousness way may need to ask ourselves if we need to shed a part of ourselves to allow further growth, or perhaps we need to be a little more flexible in situations at work or home.

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Some Questions the Seven of Cups Asks Us:

  • How do my life events serve as oracles?
  • What if I approached every choice as if it were always the right one?
  • What would my life be like if everything I require for my every success is always available to me?
  • If my life were a giant pool of water, what kind of reflections would I see in it? (Consequences of choice)
  • Am I distracted by the diversity before me? If so, how can I obtain clear focus?
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