Dream Meaning and Tarot

Dream Meaning and Tarot

Interpreting Dream
Meaning with the Tarot

The Tarot is so versatile, it can even help us in our dream meaning interpretations.

There are many methods using Tarot in dream therapy and dream interpretations. I use two methods in my work: Proactive and Supportive. I also combine these two methods for an effective developmental tool. I’ll explain each method on this page.

Proactive Dream Reading with Tarot:
In this scenario, we can determine dream meaning by pre-programming our dreams. Just before sleep, pull one card. No need to ask a question, or set an intention. Just pull one card, and contemplate the imagery. Try to suspend identification with the card.

Simply relax, and let your mind ooze into the symbols and imagery of the card.

Upon waking, record your dreams. If no dreams are perceived, then write down your thoughts upon rising out of your sleep.

Now return to the card you pulled just prior to sleep. Compare your interpretation of the card with the notes you wrote down about your dream/thoughts.

Dream Meaning and Tarot
Dream Meaning and Tarot

Dream meaning is gained through the processes of comparing these notes with the Tarot wisdom conjured just prior to sleep.

I know this seems over-simplified, but try it.

There’s something about this exercise that prompts a connection between the creative, dreamy mind and the linear, analytical mind. From that connection comes an innovative channel of reasoning that’s quite different from typical interpretative tactics.

Between pre-programming our dreaming mind and then following up with comparisons you’ll reach some pretty amazing epiphanies and come to conclusions that might otherwise remain concealed.

Supportive Dream Reading with Tarot:
This method is no different than conducting a reading with the cards for a client.

When you need a more clarified dream meaning, you can consult the cards for clarification.

Here’s a few tips on how Tarot can help interpret your dreams:
First, flesh out the dream in your mind in a loose, relaxed way. Let the dream images float across your inner vision like clouds puffing lazily across a bright blue horizon.

When you are well into the replayed rhythm of your dreamy dance, pull a card.

Begin to incorporate the images on the card with the ones in your dreams. Make connections and associations between the energy of the card, and that of your dream. Be playful and easy with the process.

Connections will come. When they do, you may want to write down the dream meanings coming to you.

Rather than investing further time in analyzing these notes, set them aside and return to them at another time. Doing this will keep the exercise feeling open and free.

There’s nothing more effective in chasing away dream meanings than pressing for answers.

So be easy with your dream interpretations.

Dream Meaning and Tarot
Dream Meaning and Tarot

Combining the Two Methods for Dream Interpretation:
You can dive deeper into dream meaning by combing the Proactive and Supportive methods.

This tarot technique can be used when working with the Tarot for personal development, like enhancing intuition, casting your vision (foreseeing) more accurately and garnering clarification on specific areas of your inner life.

  • Just before sleeping, pull one card while setting an intention or asking a question
  • Let the card imagery flow through you loosely
  • Let the images drift with you into sleep
  • Upon waking, write down your dreams or waking thoughts
  • Pull another (new) card
  • Compare imagery with your notes, the initial card and the follow-up card

This exercise gives you three points of reference.

1) Tarot wisdom about your question/intention prior to sleep

2) your participation and perspective with the oracle through the dreaming stage

3) conclusions of your inner knowing combined with the wisdom of the final Tarot card pulled.

By gently investigating these three perspectives you will begin to see patterns which will serve as an answer to your beginning intention.

Further, by using dreams and Tarot together as tools for deeper knowing, there’s really no limit to interpretive possibilities.

I hope you have enjoyed this page on using Tarot to determine dream meaning.

Mighty brightly,

Avia at whats-your-sign and Tarot Teachings

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