Six Card Readings in Tarot

six card readings in Tarot

Six Card Readings with Tarot

I use six card readings in the Tarot when I need deeper insight, but not so in-depth as to cover past lives, multiple relationships or hefty future projections.

Six card readings are like the “middle of the road” in a myriad of different spreads, like the one used by Lotus Tarot.

You can create your own six card spreads. Because of the harmonic energy offered by the number six, creating these spreads can be really fun and easy.

Keep your spreads nice and balanced and always allow for an “outcome” position so you have a clear summary of the reading.

Here are a few examples of six card spreads:

Six Card Spreads and Six Card Readings in Tarot: Examples

six card readings in Tarot
Six card readings in Tarot
The “Modified Celtic Cross” Spread

The “You” position in the center is obvious. It represents you (or your client) and your present-moment energy.

The crossing “Issue” card represents the crux of an issue you’re dealing with at this moment. It could be a true conflict, or it could be something with beneficent connotations like an upcoming wedding, or vacation.

The far left “Limitation” card represents a potential snag in your plans concerning the (crossing card) Issue. This is going to be something in your past that has tripped you up on more than one occasion. For example, it could be a challenging mother (alive or transitioned) whose voice is always nagging or injecting defeatist thoughts.

The crowning “Conscious” card represents the things you have control over in the situation. It can also represent things you might be “over-controlling.” Depending on the feel of the card, you may want to move forward with your current strategy, or you may want to re-think how you are behaving/acting in the situation.

The foundation “Unconscious” card represents behaviors your exhibiting that require your purposeful awareness. I look at the unconscious as an inner part of us that can be our best friend. But, as with some best friend, if we don’t check in with them or listen to their advice – they can get cranky. In the matter of the unconscious, if we aren’t mindful of its presence, it can manifest in unpleasant behavioral issues. This card is going to uncover some amazing insights for you if you’re open to what it has to say.

The far-right “Outcome” card is pretty obvious in its representation. It ties up any loose ends in your six card reading and sums up the story told in the spread.

six card readings in Tarot
Six card readings in Tarot
The “Supernova” Spread

I call this spread the supernova because it deals with developing and expanding an idea. If you have a project, goal, plan or new idea that’s shining like a bright star in your mind’s eye – this spread will help you concretize the details, and set you on a great path for accomplishment.

The center “Concept” card represents the idea, plan, goal, epiphany, or concept you have. It’s the bright shiny star you want to explore and mine for possibilities. It could be a new job, an idea for a new business, a concept for a new painting or artistic endeavor. It could even be the possibility of a new love relationship.

The “Logical Action” card to the left of the Concept is exactly what it says. This card represents the next logical step in the evolution of developing your concept. This will appeal to your analytical left-brained thinking. This card will point to common sense, practical ground work like business plans, financial considerations, background work, data collection etc.

The opposing “Creative Action” card appeals to your right-brain thinking. This is going to be a fun card. What is it about your concept that lights your fire and ignites your passion – but might not make whole lot of sense? Your creative sides aren’t pragmatic like the logical side of us. For example, this Creative Action card may tell you to call an old friend you haven’t spoken to for over 20 years.

Note: It’s important to balance these two cards and take action in a ping-pong sort of way. Balance your Creative action with your Logical action – that’s what this spread intends.

The lower left “Physical Guide” represents a physical, living person in your life who could influence you or your concept. Depending on the card, this person could be a great help or hindrance in your plans. If the card is confusing to you and you can’t discern the person – pull another card and lay it on top until you have a clear picture of who this is.

The opposing right “Spiritual Guide” card is very cool because it represents a guardian angel, a spirit guide, a loved one who has transitioned into the nonphysical, or even an animal guide. This card will reveal the character of the spirit guide who will help you with your concept. This card should also clarify how the spirit guide will influence your project/goal/concept/plan/idea.

Wrapping up the six-card reading is the “Outcome” card. This will give you a summary of the reading, and help you more aptly define the direction to take your concept.

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