Tarot and Crystal Meanings

tarot and crystal meanings

Tarot and Crystal Meanings

Tarot and crystal meanings make a natural partnership. Both Tarot and crystal hold enormous power and both embody deeper meanings that coax our imaginations out of hiding.

The word crystal comes from the Greek word krystallos which means icy and cold. The ancient Greeks imagined the crystal rocks to be frozen in time – never to thaw – their beauty captured in eternity.

The Greeks had it right. Whether it’s a black obsidian and a green tourmaline, crystals are a timeless expression of brilliance – and they brighten our psyche as we lay both our physical and spiritual eyes upon them.

Just like the Tarot, crystal meanings (and crystals themselves) are multi-faceted

tarot and crystal meanings
Tarot and crystal meanings

For each card and stone, there are several facets and meanings to each. As we submerge ourselves into the various meanings we come into a unified field of understanding – a total impression of the grand picture.

Learning the crystal meanings that correspond with the Tarot gives us a profound edge in our readings. As if we were viewing the cards through our own crystal spectacles – we see a rainbow of possibilities when we incorporate the stones with our cards.

Enfold yourself into the labyrinth of crystal meanings and their Tarot counterparts. I hope you’ll find your intuitive vision will become “crystal clear” with new perspectives.

tarot and crystal meanings
Tarot and crystal meanings Chart

Tarot and Crystal Meanings

FoolGreen TourmalineWonder, Joy, Openness, Patience
MagicianQuartz CrystalConcentration, Life-force, Balance, Expansion
PriestessAgate GeodePsychic power, Complexity, Esoteric knowledge, Depth
EmpressEmeraldLove, Hope Compassion, Wisdom, Tranquility
EmperorCarnelianEnergy, Protection, Decision, Confidence, Power
HierophantDiamondStrength, Everlasting-ties, Constancy, Honor, Clarity, Wisdom
LoversRubyHigh-voltage, Love, Passion, Friendship, Sensuality
ChariotPyriteOvercomes inertia, Unblocking, Fortification, Control
StrengthTiger EyePower, Courage, Grace, Focus, Protection
HermitPeridotMorality, Purity, Discrimination, Spiritual clarity,
WheelJadeLuck, Fortune, Prosperity, Detachment, Perspective
JusticePetrified WoodStructure, Procedure, Order, Truth, Reason
Hanged ManMoss AgateRelease, Elimination, Sacrifice, Elevation
DeathObsidianObsolete, Completion, Grounding, Expanse, Absorption
TemperanceKunzitePeace, Tranquility, Purity, Calmness
DevilTektiteAbolishing, Totality, Influence, Consuming
TowerLodestonePolarity, Recovery, Magnetism, Involvement
StarMoldaviteClarity, Hope, Peace, Growth, Renewal
MoonMoonstoneInsight, Intuition, Inspiration, Meditation
SunAmberCreativity, Vibrancy, Health, Wholeness, Identity
JudgmentAmethystAwakening, Opening, Ascension, Lightness
WorldTurquoiseAccomplishment, Truth, Completion, Wisdom, Attuned

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I hope you have enjoyed these correspondences between Tarot and crystal meanings. If rocks knock off your socks, then be sure to check out the links at the end of this page. I’ve written more about the topic on my other website, whats-your-sign.com.

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