Meaning of Numbers in Tarot

Meaning of Numbers in Tarot

Meaning of Numbers
In The Tarot

You’ve reached the portal page for the meaning of numbers. These number meanings are for further understanding of the Tarot, but also for relevant in the study of numerology as well as using numbers to unlock meanings in every day life events.

I’ve provided links below that will guide you through some intense associations pertaining to the meaning of numbers.

Let your mind float through the features and points for each number. Revisit these points as you pour over your Tarot cards. Just free-associate with these meanings.

As you do this, flit back and forth – from your cards to these numerological meanings like a butterfly lights on different flowers to sample the varying tastes.

By doing this, you will begin to make connections with these meanings that will expand your perceptions. Additionally, you will begin forming your OWN meanings and associations. This is the goal – your own personal associations will serve you most effectively, so allow your own interpretations to color these meanings.

Each “Meaning of Numbers” page follows a certain format:

  • Symbolic Meaning of Numbers:
    This section displays a key-word list of meanings for each number from a Western numerological perspective.
  • Visual Interpretation of Numbers:
    This section shows a key-word list of what the number expresses visually – the meaning of it’s physical presence.
  • Common Associations:
    This section lists the following associations: Tarot card, Planet, Letter, Color, and Qabalah.
  • Potential Personality:
    This section describes the personality that represents the number, types of people that may attract the number and/or the personality of the Tarot card representing that number.
Meaning of Numbers in Tarot
Meaning of Numbers in Tarot

Simply click on any of the links below to begin your journey into the meaning of numbers.

The number meanings provided on these pages is intended as a loose outline. Ultimately, you are the primary interpreter. If certain numbers trigger other meanings for you, then you should abide by your own interpretation.

Additionally, as you begin working with the meaning of numbers, you may find it easier to assign one word meaning to each number. Often when we are first learning it is simpler to pick one key word and work with that association exclusively. As you spend more time with the numbers you can enhance your understanding with more descriptive statements or mental illustrations.

Also, keep a numerology journal. As you play with numbers and they begin to reveal their secrets to you, more amazing insights will come – you may want to keep a record of these insights. Also, certain numbers will resonate with you more than others. These numbers will re-appear in your awareness: Each time you look at the time, it will be the same number, your coat check ticket is the same number, you have that number as your post box, etc.

As these numbers continually repeat themselves in your experience, record them in your journal. You will notice their appearance coincides with themes in your life. Recording these repeating numbers will help you associate and correlate the similarities – thus find deeper meaning of numbers and get more clarity on what’s going on in your life experience.

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