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Dove Symbolism in Tarot

Dove Symbolism in Tarot

Dove Symbolism in Tarot

We see dove symbolism in the Tarot primarily nesting in the ace of cups card. I like this very much, because I know the dove is a symbol of the Holy Grail. Yes, the Holy Grail as depicted in Arthurian legend. In this sense, the dove is symbolic of grace, virtue and everlasting spiritual life.

Aligned with the watery features of the cup suit in Tarot, the dove takes on a purifying theme. Indeed, dove symbolism is synonymous with: Purity, Clarity, Virginal qualities, Renewal and even Soulful Salvation.

Furthermore, I appreciate how the dove is a creature of the heavens. Air-affiliated symbols speak to us about the status of the dreaming mind, our innermost thoughts and communicating these stirrings with eloquence.

Doves are also earth-feeders, preferring to stay close to the Mother (Earth). This behavior really jives with a theme of motherhood and also connects with womb-symbolism featured in the suit of cups. After all, the chalice is a miniature version of sacred wells which are markers of sacred wombs of magical Mother Nature.

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Doves featured with an equal-armed cross signify an alliance with the cardinal directions. We see this symbolic positioning in traditional Tarot decks in the ace of cups (you can see it here in the Rider-Waite rendition). In this respect, the dove is symbolic of balance, moderation and culminating natural resources for the purpose of becoming whole - joining energies for spiritual unification.

Of course, dove symbolism in Tarot (and otherwise) deals with love, hope, promise, devotion and spiritual ascension. It's why the dove is featured so prominently with spiritual avatars like: Mother Mary, Ishtar, Aphrodite, Zeus, Venus, Inanna, Hachiman, Buddha and even Christ.

If you want more information on dove meanings outside the realm of Tarot, I've written quite a bit about the topic here: Dove Symbolism on Whats-Your-Sign.com

I hope you've enjoyed these ideas about dove symbolism in the Tarot.

Start some psychic nesting with the dove via the cards in which they are featured (Rider-Waite):

  • Ace of Cups

  • Star
  • (I can't confirm if that's a dove in the card, but I like the idea. If it is a dove, it would be symbolic of resting on the Kabbalistic "Tree of Life" which lends more spiritual symbolism like: Life, Continuity of Life, and Soulful Ascension.)

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