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Ten of Pentacles
Tarot Card Meaning

Ten of Pentacles. (Aquarian deck published by US Games) Ten of Pentacles. (Morgan-Greer deck published by US Games) Ten of Pentacles. (Universal Waite deck published by US Games)

About Ten of Pentacles
Meaning in Tarot

What can I say about the ten of pentacles Tarot card meaning that is not already clearly depicted in the cards?

The joy and celebration in this card is palpable, and leaves me with very little nuance on which elaborate.

Some keywords to spice up the ten of pentacles Tarot card meaning:

  • Family
  • Loyalty
  • Totality
  • Stability
  • Idealism
  • Reunions
  • Prosperity
  • Integration
  • Abundance
  • Community
  • Celebration
  • Community
  • Friendliness
  • Achievement
  • Establishment
  • More than enough

I am reminded of a phrase every time this card shows up in a reading: "esprit de corps." It's a French term meaning "team spirit." To paraphrase Wiki, esprit de corps refers to the capacity of a group of people to maintain belief in an institution, an idea or a goal. This could even be upholding a belief in oneself and others shared by a group.

The scenario in the ten of pentacles is wrought from a strong bond among people who share a common vision and who have worked loyally together to coax that dream into reality. This is a manifestation of mass proportions and it's reality comes about on multi-levels.

ten of Pentacles meaning in tarot

Achievement of core goals as demonstrated in the ten of pentacles requires mammoth life choreography. Consider the myriad of personalities within any organized group. Now consider just a few of these elements required to bring about a consensus of vision to allow for the group to "win" as a whole:

  • Strong foundation

  • Intense focus

  • Unshakeable commitment

  • Empathy for all the members in the group

  • Perspective in the present moment

  • Foresight for future outcomes

  • Diplomatic leadership (the kind that leads while enabling others to be leaders too).

And, there's a reason we've reached this apex at the end of the pentacles suit. Note this kind of exuberance is expressed in the 10 of pentacles, not in the two of its kind. Because it takes time to build this kind of harmony. Time, preparation and a veteran experience with life itself.

The ten of pentacles comes up in a reading when we've reached a climax in our foundational life that required the spice of actively living in order to enhance the flavor of our experience.

Some symbol meanings in the ten of pentacles:

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Arch: Arches are symbolic of openings, passage-ways, and initiations. In a reading, the arch is a symbol of a new direction for the querent. This new opening or path is indicated by the card. Walk through other arch ways in the Tarot cards.

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Children: Children represent promise, hope, fresh starts, new beginnings, new ideas, and a fresh way at looking at the world. Children are full of promise for the future and as such they are a symbol of this promise. When they show up on the cards in a reading it could mean the beginning of a new venture, the promise of a new beginning, or it could literally mean children are on their way (new births/adoptions). See other kids in the cards here.

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City/Village: Cities and villages represent centers or gatherings of people, thoughts, energy and ideas. They are a symbol of the culmination of a group that meets for a common goal. They also symbolize protection, harmony, and team-work. When you notice the cities/villages in a reading it indicates a group effort is required, or the querent must tap into some energy centers or thought centers to accomplish what he/she must. Visit other cities in the cards.

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Dogs: Man (and woman's) best friend - symbol meanings of the dog deals with fidelity, honesty, loyalty, and truth. When the dog symbol pops out at us, we might aks ourselves one of the following questions: 1) Where are our loyalties? 2) In what are we putting our faith? 3) Are we being true to ourselves? To our community? The dog in our cards is also a good indication that we're on the right track as they are symbolic of stability and righteousness. See other dogs in the cards.

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Flag: When we consider the cards on which the flag is featured we get a good concept of its symbol meanings. The flag is an announcement to change - something has shifted and a flag makes the world aware of this shift. It is a bright, bold obvious sign that a new day is dawning. This is not about subtle shifts - the flag is about "in-your-face" transformation; an event to announce to all who will hear. Other flags waving in the cards.

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Staff (in the non-elderly adult male's left hand, Rider version): Here we are recognizing staff's found in the cards that are specifically used for support by the archetypes in the cards. With this parameter in mind, staff symbol meanings deal with support, stability, direction, and single-ness of purpose. The staff is also a symbolic representation of the numeral one, and as such is carries a meaning of new beginnings, first-attempts, and again, single-mindedness in thought as well as deed. See other staff holders here.

Some questions to solidify our ten of pentacles Tarot card meaning experience:

  • Does my vision match my goal of the common good?

  • What is the ideal community?

  • Am I an effective leader in that ideal?

  • How can I bring about positive change that attracts harmony and stability?

  • Can I allow myself to enjoy and reap the benefits of my hard work?

  • Does this card represent a beginning or a resting place for me?

  • Does this card accurately reflect my home life and family?

  • What steps can I take now that will make positive effects in my sphere of influence tomorrow?

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