City Symbolism in Tarot

City Symbolism In Tarot

City Symbolism in Tarot

A quick look through the Rider-Waite deck reveals most cities crop up in the suit of Pentacles. I don’t find this coincidental.

Cities are built on foundations, the take solid planning, blueprints, materials and of course, a lot of money. And, as the suit of Pentacles hearkens to symbolism of materialism, wealth, home and stability, it makes good sense for cities to be a common illustration in this suit.

A quick list of City Symbolism in the Tarot includes…

Keywords for City Symbolism in Tarot

  • Order
  • Community
  • Structures
  • Diversity
  • Customs/Laws
  • Navigation
  • Materialism
  • Cooperation

Every city represents a wealth of culture, diversity, history, art, affluence and design. The cities in the Tarot are no different.

When city symbolism in Tarot surfaces in our awareness it is often a cue to take note of the community. More specifically, we are called to mix all the diversity that surrounds us into a common recipe. Where am I coming up with this symbolism? Cities tend to unite. 

This begs the question: “What kind of harmonic unions must you weave together under one roof?

City Symbolism In Tarot
City Symbolism In Tarot

And the beauty of a city is that somehow – someway – in the mix of all the crazy variables and diversities – the city serves as an umbrella for it all. This tells me we can take advantage of all our variances. In this light, we are also called to find similarities in our differences as a method of strengthening common goals and visions.

Cities and villages are symbolic of and exchange and gathering thoughts, energy, and ideas. When you notice the cities/villages in a reading it indicates a group effort is required, or you/your client must tap into some energy centers or thought centers to accomplish what he/she must.

City symbolism in the Tarot also reminds me of planning and strategy. The adage “Rome was not built in a day” fits here. It takes time, thoughtful ordering, and organization to build and sustain a city. So, when the villages of the Tarot come into your view it may also be a signal to incorporate more pragmatic methods in your daily dealings.

Cities also symbolize protection, harmony, and team-work. These are phenomenal points to consider if the bright lights of the Tarot cities catch your sight.

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