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Chain Symbolism in Tarot

Chain symbolism in Tarot

Chain Symbolism in Tarot

Chain symbolism in Tarot hints to being bound to something that limits the expansion of the human soul. Why? Because in traditional decks we see it in the Devil card which speaks to us about limitation and base behavior.

In general, chains are symbolic of:

  • Slavery
  • Bondage
  • Limitation
  • Restriction

In conjunction with the Devil card we get the sense of being bound to habits, thoughts, beliefs, or behaviors that enslave our spirits. The Devil is nothing more than a metaphor for living a base/banal and substandard existence.

Humankind is far, far, far more capable of living a life of immense freedom and enlightenment than bondage. For a human to deny his/her inate birthright of liberation and soul-freedom is akin to living in chains - forever bound to a way of life that will keep him/her a slave to narrow vision and limitation.

So, when the chains in the cards start clanging around in your awareness, realize that enslavement is unnatural and abnormal. Humankind's natural state is one of freedom and expansiveness.

As you recognize this perennial truth, begin searching through your own spiritual knowing for the "weak link" in the chains that are enslaving you or your client. Seek solutions in surrounding cards in your spread that will allow you to take advantage of a weak link, and give you the ability to break the chains that bind.

A teacher of mine once told me our individual actions in each life make up the links in the "chain of karma," and our actions/behaviors will predict what kind of life we will experience in the next cycle of life. He said the term "breaking the chain of karma" refers to changing bad habits (breaking weak links) to liberate oneself from living out undesirable karma in their next life.

Keep this in mind while you are seeking out ways to break whatever chains that hold you back from living your fullest life now (and in the next).

View the Chain in the Tarot here (Rider-Waite).

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