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Symbolic Meaning of
One In the Tarot

Meaning of Number One in Tarot

Tarot Numbers: Meaning of One

The meaning of One is about the initial point of contact. The Zohar indicates: "When the Unknown of Unknowns chose to be revealed, it came as one point of light."

This statement is profound. It is in this statement that we derive the prime meaning of number One. If we come from the understanding that prior to One there is void - we begin to see the gravity represented by One.

Effectually, One changes the landscape. It alters the entire view of what was before.

When we encounter One's in our lives or in the cards we are asked to recognize that which sets the fire to burn. In other words, we must observe the point of ignition in our lives. This analogy is best illustrated with a few questions you may ask yourself when confronted with the meaning of One:

  • What is the point of contact that lights up my life?

  • What beginning action must be taken to move me in a desired direction?

  • Where is the point of entry? That space I can enter into in order to clearly see and change my landscape?

number one meaning in tarot

Alternatively, the meaning of One is also an indicator of completion. Just as we see reference to the beginning (the Alpha) One also symbolizes the ending (the Omega). Even in the ending's One is changing the landscape of our lives, because as an ending approaches we must become aware of a new beginning on its heels.

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly the number One reminds us to focus. It is only through concentration that we are able to accomplish anything. With singleness of mind, body and spirit there is no end to our potential. In this light, we can identify our objective and see clearly to our prime purpose (which, ideally, would be to ease into the knowledge of our highest, truest selves).

Meaning of One in Western numerology and Tarot - a quick reference:

  • Will
  • Force
  • Drive
  • Unity
  • Focus
  • Action
  • Vision
  • Clarity
  • Initiation
  • Purpose
  • Ambition
  • Solidarity
  • Narrowing
  • Beginnings

Visually, the meaning of One illustrates:

  • Door - One way in, one way out
  • Street - A path in a new direction
  • Staff - A motion in one direction
  • Arrow - Hitting the focused target
  • Sword - Cutting through to reach clarity
  • Building - Reaching higher and higher

Common associations with the meaning of One:

  • Colors: White and Red
  • Letters: A, J and S
  • Qabalah symbol: Aleph
  • Astrological: Neptune, Uranus, The Sun

Potential Personality:
Those who resonate with number One are driven and ambitious; they get things done. Their ability to focus is amazing, and they can concentrate even in the midst of chaos around them. One people are usually objective, and shrewd, able to make hard decisions with ease. Sometimes these people are stubborn, obstinate and have inflated egos. However, when these people are set in one specific direction or given a constructive goal, they will excel. Here the goal overshadows the ego as this personality has purpose now - this makes him/her congruent with the vibration of One, and thus successful.

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