Sun Tarot Card Meanings

Sun Tarot Card Meanings

Sun Tarot Card Meanings

Where the Moon may portray a subtle, undercurrent of influence, there is no subtlety with Sun Tarot card meanings. The sun is pervasive in its power, blazing with its message of vitality, and its presence in our lives equates to life-giving energy.

The Sun is inevitable. We can always count on it to rise each morning. Even if we’ve had the darkest and despairing night we are able to derive confidence that this too shall pass when we see the sun lifting over the horizon.

Key Words for the Sun Tarot Card Meanings

  • Life
  • Energy
  • Growth
  • Clarity
  • Vibrancy
  • Understanding
  • Illumination
  • New Beginnings
  • Breaking Through

Cultures have worshipped the sun over the ages because it gives life. It allows crops to grow, it allows productivity during the day, and it illumines the world so that we may see things clearly without the symbolic undertones of darkness overshadowing our judgment.

Sun Tarot Card Meanings

When we pull the Sun card in a reading it is a very good sign. It means we’ve “struck gold.” We’ve come to the other side of a long period of grief, mourning, or confusion. We’ve come to a point of clarity and understanding. We’re seeing that promotion in our jobs. We’re relocating to the house and neighborhood in which we’ve always wanted to live. We’re receiving that opportunity that we’ve been dreaming about for such a long time.

Other deck renditions depict a nude child riding a white horse on the Sun card. This is a symbol of freedom from doubt and fear. The horse represents mobility in a new direction which we are able to do because of the clarity and brilliance the sun (new understanding) shines upon our lives. The child is also a symbol new beginnings and total trust that our way is always illuminated by the sun-energy, and we have no need to fear the darkness.

This is a break through card. So often we go through the motions of our lives, wondering if we’ll come out of the dark, curious if all our hard work is ever going to pay off. The Sun card is a clear message, that yes, indeed the proverbial flowers in the garden of life that we’ve painstakingly cared for are about to come in full bloom. When the vibrancy of the Sun card shines in a reading, everything is coming up roses.

Key Symbols Relative to Sun Tarot Card Meanings:

This section focuses on a few select symbols that can help us further define the Sun Tarot card meanings.

Sun Tarot Card Meanings Flower

Flower: “As the sunflower turns its face to the light of the sun, so too does the face of humanity turn to the light of Truth.” This is an adaptation of the motto held by the science, philosophy, and religion of Spiritualism. This is a perfect summation of what the sunflower represents. If you’ve ever observed the sunflower you will see that they stretch and move their faces to meet and greet the sun. We should all do the same: Reach further and extend to greater lengths to meet the face of truth, clarity, and spiritual illumination. Get symbolic sunflower meaning here.

Sun Tarot Card Meanings Nudity

Nudity: We’ve seen nudity in the other cards, and it always symbolizes freedom, letting our guard down and allowing our true nature to come forth. Nudity is the ultimate form of expression. When we drop our defenses, we make a way for all the wonderful gifts the Universe has to offer us. Nudity is a symbol of being able to communicate our true nature without fear. This further embodies the meaning of this tarot card because it works hand-in-hand with the vitality and clarity the sun represents.

Sun Tarot Card Meanings Wall

Wall: Walls are symbolic of holding back, separating, or keeping something from experiencing the natural flow of energy. It is represented in this card for two reasons: 1) to remind us that all the growth, rejuvenation, and clarity the life-giving sun energy has to offer will never be ours as long as we are closed to it. We must never build walls against the illumination that rightfully belongs to us as divine creatures. 2) the wall represents a breakthrough. It indicates that no matter how bleak our situation seems, or how bitter and blocked we have become, there is always an opportunity to break through the walls we may have built around our hearts. Get more about brick wall meanings here.

Flag meaning in Tarot

Flag: When we consider the cards on which the flag is featured (Death, Sun, and Judgment) we get a good concept of its symbol meanings. The flag is an announcement to change – something has shifted and a flag makes the world aware of this shift. It is a bright, bold obvious sign that a new day is dawning. This is not about subtle shifts – the flag is about “in-your-face” transformation; an event to announce to all who will hear. Click here for more on Flag Meanings in Tarot.

Key Questions the Sun Tarot Card Asks:

When contemplating the Sun Tarot card meanings, ask yourself the following questions:

  • How do I begin remove blockages in my life?
  • Is there an area in my life I need clarification?
  • Have I built some walls around my heart or against others?
  • Am I allowing the highest and best energy to flow through to me?
  • What would it take for me to expose my true self and the beauty I represent?
  • Do I turn my face to things of truth, beauty and vitality or do I mire in the mud?

Thus concludes the Sun Tarot card meanings page. I hope you have enjoyed these illuminations! 🙂

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