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Two of Cups
Tarot Card Meaning

Two Of Cups. (Aquarian deck published by US Games) Two Of Cups. (Morgan-Greer deck published by US Games) Two Of Cups. (Universal Waite deck published by US Games)

Keywords for Two of Cups Tarot Card Meanings:

  • Union
  • Sharing
  • Relating
  • Harmony
  • Partnership
  • Combining
  • Connection
  • Cooperation
  • Compromise
  • Communication
  • Instant Attraction

The Two of Cups speak of emotional engagements. These may be in the form of deep connections made with our lovers, friends, family, partners, or co-workers.

To be sure, these connections are complimentary as if two halves are coming together to form a perfect union.

This coming together is a new beginning and one filled with promise, hope and trust. There is a prickling at the back of our neck at the freshness and vitality a new relationship brings us. There is an intensity of our focus upon the sparkly energy of high emotion as we connect more deeply with our unifying contra.

There is also a sense of vulnerability here - as if we have to remove a mask in order to tap into that promising union the Two of Cups represent. All bets are off, we must be at our most exposed in order to reap the fullest benefit of this new connection with another or ourselves.

On an esoteric level, this card is also symbolic of bringing together the dualistic nature of self into a harmonized whole.

To more clearly grasp this concept, consider the associations connected to this card:

A few symbol meanings on for this card:
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Caduceus: Varied in its meaning, the Caduceus symbol meanings deal with balance, health, duality (union of opposites), proper moral conduct, protection and cosmic energy. Seen on the two of cups, the caduceus bodes well for new partnerships, and serves as a message that with honor and respect to balance, new relationships shall be fruitful. It may also indicate the querent is joining forces with another party in order to facilitate healing.

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Wreath: Wreaths have long been a symbol of victory ever since the first ancient games upon mount Olympus where the victor was crowned in laurels (hence the term "resting on his laurels"). A sweet smelling laurel wreath is also a symbol of protection, peace and purification and is associated with the god Apollo. It is a message that the favor of the Gods is upon us, and that we shall be the victor in this stage of our lives. Click here to view all other Rider-Waite Tarot cards with the Wreath symbol.

Some questions the Two of Cups asks us:

  • Am I open to new beginnings? New Relationships?
  • Am I evolved enough to see the other person's point of view without bias?
  • What connections can I make between my thoughts and my actions?

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