Boat Symbolism in Tarot

Boat Meaning In Tarot

Boat Symbolism
and Meaning in Tarot

Boat symbolism in Tarot (and ships) speak to our intuition mostly about navigation.

A teacher of mine once said “May the sails of your soul always billow with fresh winds of wisdom” and this is how we can approach all interpretations, including Tarot interpretations. With fresh flexibility.

When boats come floating into our awareness during a reading, it begs questions from our deeper knowing, like:

  • Where am I going?
  • How am I navigating through life?
  • How am I maneuvering through adverse conditions?
  • What do I consider my “True North” – my ultimate guide?
  • Am I prepared for my journeying (spiritual and otherwise)?

As I discuss in the suit of cups, water is a strong symbolic consideration in the Tarot. Boats and water are like yin and yang – you can’t have one without the other (well, I suppose you could have a boat without water, but it wouldn’t be any fun).

Boat symbolism in the tarot reminds us of our responsibility to navigate through emotional tides of life. Furthermore, boats are the vehicle in our energetic seas of existence.

Boat Meaning In Tarot
Boat Symbolism in Tarot

It’s important to pay attention to water symbolism when ships come sailing into our intuitive view because (in Tarot and otherwise) water is symbolic of…

  • Emotions
  • Dreams
  • Intuition
  • Fluidity
  • Flexibility
  • Deeper Knowing
  • Psychic Perception

When you see boats are ships in your Tarot readings, reach a bit beyond the surface interpretation of “travel” (although that is certainly a valid view). Seek guidance with your Inner Vision as well as through the surrounding cards in the spread.

Recall themes of navigation in ships and boats. Also remember that it is a vehicle in which to move from point “a” to point “b.” Metaphorically speaking, our will is our vehicle – how we navigate it will be either the wind in our sail, or the storm on our seas.

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