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Court Card
Meanings in Tarot

Court Card Meanings in Tarot

Court Card Meanings in Tarot

The court card meanings in the Tarot can be vast, profound, and potentially slippery. I've gone round and round about how to present these tarot card meanings to my readers in a simple yet meaningful way.

Why is the Tarot court so elusive? Here are few considerations in reading court card meanings:

  • They can be external or internal in meaning.
    These cards can point to real people in our lives, identifiable by their personality and appearance (as translated in a specific court card). Or, they can direct our attention to our own internal behavioral tendencies and personality traits.
  • They can reference people in many levels of life.
    The royal arcana can indicate people in the past, present and future. More mind-bogglingly, these cards can point out people who have transitioned (no longer alive on this physical plane). I've had many readings in which deceased family members and friends have spoken through the royal arcana. If you're a natural medium, this is guaranteed to happen at some point in your Tarot card reading experience.

  • They can be extremely moody.
    Because we are dealing directly with the human psyche and persona, these cards are chameleon in nature according to the context of the querent and the reading.

To my way of thinking, the royal arcana demands us to use our intuition more heavily than any other class of cards in the Tarot because of their variability.

But understanding the court cards does not have to be an overwhelming experience. Once we are aware of their inherent changeability, we become better equipped than most to approach the messages they hold.

So how do we approach interpreting the royal family? We do so by finding a common denominator ? one common theme or thread in these cards.

That common denominator is this: The court cards always have a voice.

No matter what a court card represents, it will always speak to us in a reading. Once I realized that, the problem of presenting court card meanings on this website vanished.

If it has a voice, then it will speak its own meaning. That's why I have written the court card meanings in the first person.

As you travel through the royal family on this site, each member will speak to you as if he/she is telling their own story. In the first person. It is my sincerest hope this approach will personalize the court card meanings so no matter what their representation, they will speak their meaning clearly.

Have tea with the court, socialize with them, let them speak and just listen intently to their stories with your clairaudient ears.

Here is a list of the Royal arcana members. Each link will take you to each court card meaning in the Tarot.

Pentacles Wands Cups Swords
Tarot pentacles by Morgan-Greer Tarot card suit of wands by Morgan-Greer Tarot card suit of cups by Morgan-Greer Tarot card suit of swords by Morgan-Greer
Face of a Tarot King (court card from the Morgan-Greer deck) King of Pentacles King of Wands King of Cups King of Swords
Face of a Tarot Queen (court card from the Morgan-Greer deck) Queen of Pentacles Queen of Wands Queen of Cups Queen of Swords
Face of a Tarot Knight (court card from the Morgan-Greer deck) Knight of Pentacles Knight of Wands Knight of Cups Knight of Swords
Face of a Tarot Page (court card from the Morgan-Greer deck) Page of Pentacles Page of Wands Page of Cups Page of Swords

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