Using The Tarot in Times of Grief and Loss

Using Tarot in Times of Grief

Most often, folks seek out the wisdom of the Tarot when they want guidance about the future.  Whether clarity is needed about making important decisions or trying to get an insight about the next step – the Tarot is certainly a boon to any planning process.  But the Tarot can also be a profound and powerful tool during incredibly challenging times.  For instance, using the Tarot in times of grief is one of the best ways to promote healing and gain understanding.

Avia’s Experience With the Tarot in Times of Grief

I’ll give you an example.  Recently, my dad passed away.  His departure from this life was crushing.  Furthermore, I was burdened with so many emotions.  On top of that, there were so many details to sort out after dad left this world.  From figuring out the best funeral homes near me and the family to sorting out his belongings – it was brutal.  Plus, there was the added confusion of all these emotions flooding through me every minute. 

That’s when the Tarot helped me focus and get clear.  I pulled a few cards with my dad in mind, and the results were soothing to my soul.  I pulled the Ten of Cups and the Star card.  For me, this was a beautiful confirmation that dad was okay.  It also indicated that while the loss of my father was gut-wrenching, dad was telling me not to give up hope or lose my joy.

How To Use Tarot Cards to Soothe Grief and Promote Healing

This is just one example of how the Tarot can help when we are grieving.  A simple Tarot spread interpreted maturely can offer hope and healing as it did for me.  Additionally, you can use Tarot cards as a meditative tool to help you center on healing during times of duress and loss.  When you focus on a Tarot card that promotes healing, it can alter your mood and consciousness. 

Pull Tarot cards that reinforce feelings of promise and renewal when you are burdened with grief.  Focus on them and meditate upon them.  Keep that card (or cards) with you and use the imagery to remind you that hope is not lost.  Allow these cards to be a reminder that life is limitless, and possibilities are infinite (even it if might not seem like it in the pit of despair).

Tarot Cards That Promote Healing During Times of Grief

Certain Tarot cards trigger more uplifting emotions than others.  While all cards in a Tarot deck are bursting with wisdom and guidance – some cards can really promote healing other than others.  Here are a few cards to contemplate if you are seeking comfort during times of grief.

The Star Card

Using Tarot in Times of Grief - Star Card
Using Tarot in Times of Grief – Star Card

This is the card I pulled when I was grieving my father. It helped me recall that life is eternal.  Granted, physical life has a beginning and an end.  However, life never really ends – it just transforms.  The Star card reminds us that life is ever-flowing.  It continues to move on – even if it isn’t the form we want or expect.  In times of grieving the loss of a loved one, the Star card promotes healing by reminding us that eternal life is a reality. 

In fact, a dear friend and mentor of mine once said that when our loved ones die, their souls merge with the stars.  As such, our loved ones are watching over us as they sparkle in the heavens.  This helped me better cope with my dad’s death – especially when I was using the Tarot in times of grief and pulled the Star card.

The Strength Card

Using Tarot in Times of Grief - Strength Card
Using Tarot in Times of Grief – Strength Card

I love the imagery of this card in terms of coping with death and loss.  Why? Because too often, many of us think we have to be strong or put on a brave face when we lose someone or something precious.  In truth, it’s okay to be soft and vulnerable.  The Strength card shows those qualities.  It illustrates the core energy of strength in that is describes finding power in compassion. 

Notice the heroin in the card isn’t wrestling the lion to the ground with brute force.  That’s not how we get through our times of grief either.  We can’t fight feelings of loss.  Instead, we have to approach them with kindness, understanding, and gentle attention.  Considering this, the Strength card can be a powerful meditation tool when coping with the emotional fallout of loss.

King or Queen Cards

Using Tarot in Times of Grief - Kings and Queen Cards
Using Tarot in Times of Grief – Kings and Queen Cards

Using the Tarot in times of grief is about stepping into the energy of certain cards to gain composure, clarity and/or emotional stability.  Kings or Queens of the Tarot are beautiful examples of how to masterfully handle pressure and stress.  Depending upon which suit or figure of royalty appeals to you most, pull your favorite King or Queen in the deck.  Now deeply contemplate the attributes of these royal personalities. 

Ponder how Kings retain their noble bearing and strength regardless of the obligations they must endure.  Think about how Queens retain their poise even in the face of challenges and complications of ruling their kingdom.  The point here is to absorb the archetypal features of your favorite Queen or King in the Tarot in order to adopt those attributes.  This boosts your confidence and reminds you that you are strong enough to get through any hardship.

The Last Word on Using Tarot in Times of Grief and Loss

If you’re suffering from loss and wracked with grief, you might be looking for anything to give you solace. I definitely understand that.  So as you are exploring ways to cope, using the Tarot in times of grief might be a helpful practice. 

The ancient imagery of the Tarot is meant to ignite your energy and imbue your soul with deep wisdom.  If you think of it like that, then the Tarot can certainly serve as a healing helper if you’re dealing with angst and grief.  Lastly, remember that the process of grieving takes time.  Be patient and kind to yourself.  I hope these insights prove helpful to you on your journey. As always, thank you for reading.  And I am sending you all the best if you are coping with the loss of a loved one.

Mighty brightly,

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