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Tarot Layouts and Tarot Spreads
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Tarot layouts and Tarot spreads

This is a portal page for various Tarot layouts and Tarot spreads.

I've provided a links to various spreads in a list below. Each will take you to a page of Tarot layouts I've designed and/or spreads I personally use. Each page is fully illustrated, and I've also included detailed instructions on how to read each Tarot spread.

More layouts will be added as time permits. I'm particularly motivated to add layouts for specific focus like love, money, spiritual development, etc.

I'm offering these pages on Tarot spreads and layouts as a way to enhance your Tarot journey. My highest hope is for these pages to inspire you to create your own personal spreads. This is where the readings get really fun. The more personalized we make our path, the more meaning we find along the way.

In the meantime, enjoy the layouts I have here, and check back often for more additions!

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